EU Food Allergen Labelling Software

ALLERGENS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE that highlight allergens in the ingredients list

Just enter list of allergens, which are located on your declarations on the products.  This software will do the rest.


– Displays a table where allergens are present in your products and which are present in trace amounts.
Locates and displays a list of all products matching a present allergen.
Based on the customer’s price list displays a list of products purchased by each customer and where the individual allergens are present.
It knows whether the product to print best before or use by.
Generates a declaration on the basis of the recipe. Ingredients allocated in descending order. If in the product ingredients which contain allergens or have traces of allergens present, the information is transferred to the product.
Calculates the nutritional value of the product based on the nutritional value of raw materials that make up the product.

In addition, you can:

– Printing labels on the Declaration, highlighting allergens.
Print product cards with allergens for the sales shelf.
Printing pricelist in the presence of allergens.

It is important that all information on allergens enrolled in one place, which reduces the possibility of errors. All labels, price lists, tables and lists are printed from the same source. So at the end of the infinite number of word and excel documents, which are always overlooked any product.

Price for  small businesses is 500 EUR. One working hour for on-distance installation is included. Additional hour for training and deployment: 50 EUR.


Payments on bank account or Paypall.

Instalation and support: on distance in english language

About our company: We are developing software for food processing industry since 1992. Mostly for bakeries and breweries.

Compay name: Carpe diem, d.o.o., Kranj, Slovenia. CONTACT FORM